LogoVIBVIB is a top class center of excellence with more than 1200 researchers and technicians involved in 74 research groups, carrying out research in the frontline of life science. Prof. Dr. Lennart Martens, leader of the VIB Computational Omics and Systems Biology group, has been responsible for the original inception and implementation of PRIDE repository at EMBL-EBI, and has also led the first years of further development of PRIDE at EMBL-EBI. During this time, the PRIDE repository firmly established itself as the world-leading repository for mass spectrometry based proteomics data. The CompOmics group has also contributed substantially to the development of standard formats and related software libraries in this field over the past several years through highly active roles in the Human Proteome Organisation’s Proteomics Standards Initiative.

VIB will coordinate the project, and contribute to all of the work packages. It will moreover lead project management WP1, the outreach and dissemination WP7 , and finally WP2 for the creation of relevant standards for cell migration data and metadata.