WP4: Development of a community accessible cell migration data repository and knowledgebase

WP4 will build a powerful and community-accessible platform that serves as a central repository and knowledgebase for cell migration data. This objective can be divided in five goals.

  1. A requirements analysis will take place, taking into account the strengths and shortcomings of the Cell Migration Knowledgebase, the community needs, and the standardization efforts that are the subject of WP2 and WP3.
  2. Based on these requirements, a modern, standards-compatible and community accessible repository for cell migration research will be created. This repository will fully implement the standards developed in WP2, and will provide extensive links to existing, external bioinformatics databases. This repository will be built upon the foundation of the existing Cell Migration Gateway.
  3. This repository will be extended with automated data access options (REST, BioMart, and BioFormats compatibility), enabling its wide use by the cell migration, cell biology and biomedical research communities through easily accessible and widely supported interfaces.
  4. A tool for automated verification of the completeness of data annotation (according to the MIACME minimal reporting requirements developed in WP2) will be developed based on the semantic validator library created in WP3.
  5. A knowledgebase will be created on top of this repository, aimed at exploring the medical relevance of specific cell migration features, extractable from existing and novel migration data sets.