WP6: Data generation and multi-scale analysis in defined model systems and personalized healthcare

WP6 will demonstrate the applicability of large-scale integrative analysis of cell migration data to experimental and clinical research and therefore directly interact with WP2, WP4 and WP5. Advanced cell culture models will be used to generate standardized data which are used in WP5 for integrated data analysis. WP6 will therefore generate data, apply algorithms and analysis formats to generate multi-parametric read-outs, which then undergo multi-scale and meta-analysis in WP5. Data analysis will deliver a set of cell biologically relevant parameters which will become inventoried for standardized data format in WP2, used in WP5 for identifying existing algorithms for robust analysis which will be applied in WP6. The multi-variate, multi-scale datasets jointly generated by WP6 and WP5 will be made publically available through data repository in WP4.