WP7: Community outreach, dissemination and project durability

WP7 builds close links between the MULTIMOT consortium and the wider cell biology/migration community. The objective of WP7 is to support community outreach and dissemination, and to ensure the durability of the project’s output beyond the project lifetime. This objective can be split into three interconnected goals.

  1. Input and participation from the cell migration community will be pursued, as this is implicitly crucial in the creation of community standards.
  2. Different channels for the dissemination of MULTIMOT output will be used, including scientific publications, workshops, presentations at conferences and meetings to reach the wider cell migration community.
  3. Finally, a more general plan will be developed, to ensure the long-term viability of the open data exchange ecosystem, comprising the standards and corresponding software, the central data repository, and the outreach efforts.